Former New Haven Police Department Detective Jose Silva was fired after a unanimous 4-0 vote by the New Haven Board of Police Commissioners at a closed-session hearing Monday morning.

Silva is the third member of the NHPD to be terminated in the aftermath of a federal investigation into the department’s narcotics enforcement unit.

Silva admitted to witnessing former NHPD Detective Justen Kasperzyk plant drugs in a suspect’s room during a narcotics raid in November 2006 and then failing to report the incident. Silva also admitted to stealing $500 in drug money seized from a New Haven home in March 2007.

“The Board found him guilty of the charges that were presented, and therefore felt the appropriate punishment for that was termination,” Board of Police Commissioners chairman Richard Epstein said.

City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said Silva attempted to offer his resignation, rather than be fired, but the Board insisted that termination was the correct course of action.

“It was the sense of the Board that we needed to send a message that this type of behavior would not be tolerated,” Epstein said.

Silva is currently awaiting sentencing.