The Elm City’s leaves are changing from summer green to autumn red. Emptied of humidity, the air nips ever so slightly at our lungs to let us know that fall has arrived in full force.

Throughout times like these, and weekends like last, when the blue skies and pleasant sun rays overwhelm our senses, focus our minds and reassure us of our reasons for selecting a college in the Northeast, we also must mind our bodies. Put simply, it’s getting cold. And Yale’s Office of Facilities — at least as far as we can tell — has not yet turned up the heat.

On Saturday night, one of our city editors sat, curled up and shivering, in a hooded Davenport College sweatshirt. When awoken to coordinate an online update, the chill intensified. Our editor in chief went on a $74.30 shopping spree for Yale zip-up jackets; he is now broke. Three of us could be found huddled under down comforters. The truth is that a majority of us welcome the cold — and we are hopeful for snow. But what can we say? It’s chilly.

While myth would have us believe that cold sharpens the mind, a frozen body, subject to constant shivering, will have a hard time holding steady a textbook, let alone typing a paper; fingers exposed to the turbulent cold cannot be trusted to accuracy.

So the News, unanimously, is compelled to plead: turn up the heat, Yale. We’re starting to freeze over here.