Reports from nine colleges and universities in New England indicate varied reactions by officials to the sweeping epidemics of Asian influenza.

Ninety percent of students at Wesleyan have been inoculated, while in the other extreme, no students at Mt. Holyoke have received vaccine.

Due to the lengthy time required to identify the Asian influenza, none of the nine colleges contacted could definitely state the full nature of the illness.

The general method adopted to battle the flu has been inoculation of university officials and food-handlers.

In most instances the colleges have left it up to the individual students to procure inoculations by private means.

Harvard University told the NEWS last night that the only students at Cambridge to receive shots were members of the football, soccer, and cross country teams.

At present their infirmary is full, with all 88 beds filled. Thirty of the 47 beds set up in another building are also filled.

Officials at Harvard have requested that sick students living in the area stay at home.

At Mt. Holyoke only the house mothers and food-handlers have received inoculations, although the students have been promised shots.

Today the entire college was quarantined for an indefinite period. No girls may visit other colleges and in addition, the girls are not allowed to receive any guests until the quarantine is removed.

Since Monday, 42 cases of a respiratory disease have been treated in the Princeton infirmary, while 20 cases have been treated in student rooms. Moreover, 200 cases of sickness have been reported during the week.

The situation at Wesleyan is clearly different from other colleges, as nearly all students have been inoculated by the university.

As a result of this step, no varied cases of Asian flu have been reported, with only one case suspected.

Connecticut College for Women has made vaccine available for all students and many undergraduates and faculty have made use of the opportunity.

The girls have been warned by officials not to visit colleges infested with Asian flu.

There is no quarantine at Smith College, even though only house mothers and chief chefs have been inoculated.