Law School student Hanzich died of heart attack, examiners find

Joey Hanzich LAW ’10, who was found dead in his apartment about three weeks ago, died of a heart attack, Yale Law School spokeswoman Jan Conroy confirmed Tuesday.

The Law School was informed of Hanzich’s cause of death over the weekend, although the release of the medical examiner’s report is still pending. While his death was originally attributed to natural causes, there remained some uncertainty about the specific reason.

After playing basketball the evening before his death, Hanzich complained of stomach pains. His friends found him in his apartment the next day, Thursday, Sept. 13.

Law students said the community is still recovering from the shock of the loss.

“It defines the word tragedy for someone so young to die senselessly,” Sumon Dantiki LAW ’09 said.

A memorial service was held for Hanzich at the Law School on Sunday. The Law School has established a fund in Hanzich’s honor to provide financial aid to students committed to public service, at his family’s request.

Hanzich attended Harvard College and earned a masters in public health from the University of Cambridge. He was vice president of the Harvard College Democrats and volunteered for John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

-Isaac Arnsdorf