Editor’s Note:

This week, scene saves you the time and finger-strain that inevitably comes every weekend as you try to catch up on all the gossip blogs you missed while you were reading more important things, like Facebook and maybe, just maybe, your course readers.

As you are an inquisitive Yale student with an over-sized sense of self-importance, you might ask why gossip/entertainment blogs are important. They just are. Trust us.

But there is a lot of crap out there. So, because scene loves you, we also go through and hand-pick the best of the best. Because you really shouldn’t be wasting your time on perezhilton.com if all the good stuff is actually on celebitchy.

And so, without further ado. scene presents the Eli blog round-up, edition 9/21.

Everyone at Yale has things that they obsess over. Some people are into their academics, some their sports teams, and some are all about saving the world. I like entertainment and celebrity gossip.

Is it life-changing? Probably not, but it’s definitely a lot less depressing to discuss Britney Spears’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (as well as to listen to the acoustic version of “Gimme More” sung by two teenage guys, or to watch it at double speed, or to think about how great it would be for a Yale a cappella group to do their own version of the song…) than it is to talk about babies dying in Africa.

After all, there was once a simpler time in all of our lives. Remember when you actually watched TV and you might have known what the premise of “Two and a Half Men” is? That might also have been the time when you actually watched the Emmys, which were, btdubs, this weekend.

Thankfully, for those of us who are too busy, the Internet was kind enough to distill out the few interesting events of the night. My personal favorites would include Katherine Heigl winning for “Grey’s Anatomy.” Really, Emmy voters, really? Did you actually watch the third season, because I did, and I hated every minute of it — except for the episode when they introduced the new spin-off with the best catchphrase of the moment: “I want to kiss you with tongue.” It’s like the “that’s what she said” for the new year. Try it with your friends. With tongue.

See, it’s so easy.

Also of interest is the rap battle between Rainn Wilson and Kanye West (look it up on YouTube). Wait out the awkward banter for the moment when Dwight Schrute quotes Kanye’s summer hit “Stronger” by saying that he wants you to be his black Kate Moss tonight. At that moment, even Kanye realized how ridiculous his lyrics are. That’s not an epiphany you get to witness every day.

And as a sidenote to all of you who are counting down the seconds to the new season of The Office, the Web site officetally.com is reporting that the Target dollar bins are full of Office-related products. Pens, magnets, cups and, of course, paper products are all available. While supplies last. So take the bus, or your roommate’s car, and hurry to Milford.

Fashion-wise, the Emmy’s top moment would have to be Hayden Panettiere’s dress. For those who don’t watch “Heroes,” she’s the pretty blond cheerleader from the hit show. Apparently, she managed to get famous around the same time I gave up gossip blogs for Lent last year, so I really have no idea how she became America’s latest It Girl. One day you’re on a popular TV show the next day you’re wearing something that (as bestweekever.tv described it) is straight out of the “Romeo and Juliet Pea in the Pod collection” and begs the most thought-provoking of the entire week with, “Who is Hayden’s Babbydaddy?”

My personal favorite completely unfounded speculation is Shia LeBeouf, who apparently has a Facebook now. I wasn’t here this summer for “Indiana Jones 4,” but if I had been I would totally try to be Facebook friends with him. After all being in the same city at the same time is a completely legitimate reason; many a Facebook friendship has been requested for less.

The other big story of the week (and it’s been a slow week), is that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron broke up. You’re probably saying to yourself: “Who?” and “Why do I care?” Two reasons: For the more wholesome of us it’s because they’re the most popular characters from “High School Musical” and they were cute together so it’s kind of a bummer to realize that we live in a world where even two high-school kids can’t make it work. It’s like Britney/Justin all over again — don’t tell me you weren’t sad when you heard they broke up. The second, more salacious, reason is that there were nude pictures involved. Feel free to Google that one if you feel so inclined. With tongue …

Olga Obraztsova might be a junior in Branford, but she’s better known as that girl behind the circulation desk at SML who asks you if you have your ID. Is that a rhetorical question? Of course I have my ID…