Name: Emily Schofield

College: Branford

Year: 2009

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Penn.

Major: Ethics, Politics & Economics

Keeping her focus amid the bewildering bustle of Koffee Too?, YCC vice presidential candidate Emily Schofield ’09 explained her plans for next year’s YCC and discussed what she could brings to the table — in some cases, literally.

An avid Crackling Oat Bran fan, Schofield talked about how her platform is responsive to students’ actual needs, for example, by working to expand dining options, adding late-night options and better food.

“Every day, three times a day — it’s something that affects students,” Schofield said.

Schofield, a YCC representative from Branford, spoke of the changes she intends to enact on campus, citing the importance of financial aid reform and improved transportation to places like Shaw’s. Schofield also hopes for academic reform, such as extending the deadline for Credit/D/Fail until the end of a semester to “provide maximum motivation to work, yet flexibility in switching back to a letter grade.”

While campaigning has not officially started, Schofield said that she was excited to talk to students whom she doesn’t usually interact with.

“[I] have a reason to ask, ‘What do you want to see [on campus]?’,” Schofield said.

Schofield said she is running for the vice presidency because “YCC is the best way to make change on campus.”

When asked about the YCC’s current state, Schofield paused a few moments before saying, in a cheerful voice, “There is always room for improvement.”

One of the problems inherent to institutions like the YCC are the communication difficulties between the student body and the YCC, she said.

“Students don’t have a good enough mechanism to know what we do,” Schofield said. “[We] need to find better ways to communicate.”

Suitemate Olga Obraztsova ’09 confirmed Schofield’s proactive approach to her job on the YCC.

“She always walks into the room and is like, ‘What can I do for you guys?’,” Obraztsova said. “She always wants to know what the suite’s opinions are on the things that YCC is involved with. She’s always on the lookout for things that she can improve.”

Colin Leatherbury ’09, a fellow Branfordian, testified to her willingness to help when needed, however inconvenient a time it may be.

“Once she couldn’t find her shoes, and she went out with one shoe, one bare foot to help me [with a project],” Leatherbury said. “That’s dedication.”

Schofield herself stressed the importance of commitment and enthusiasm for a member of the YCC.

“It all comes back to tangible results,” Schofield said. “[We need] someone who will keep working on it until you get results… I’ve done it to a greater extent than the other candidates.”

Roommate Tenley Mochizuki ’09 said that one time, when she was complaining about an aspect of Branford housing, Schofield was quick to put on her YCC hat.

“Before I knew it, she brought it up before YCC and got a resolution passed,” Mochizuki said.