Let’s talk about sex

As the media takes a closer look at our generation’s “hookup culture,” H-bomb, Harvard’s sex magazine, lets students enter the the hot-button sex debate with a voice of their own. Yale’s Sex Week Magazine caused an international stir with its release last year. Still, its annual publication and highly corporatized nature makes it less relevant to the student body than H-Bomb’s irreverent blend of sexual suggestions and coital commentary.


Live well, show skin!

Dread and annoyance pervade the thoughts of students in the weeks preceding the housing draw. Brown’s housing committee bypasses the frustrating process by asking students to submit video applications for choice digs. This year’s winning video, featuring a group of naked a cappella singers, proves that boldness pays off; next year they’ll be lounging (nude?) in style.


Town-gown relations

Last April, Duke launched its Campus Culture Initiative Steering Committee in response to the scandal surrounding the university’s lacrosse team. Though Yale’s situation is not perfectly comparable to its North Carolinian counterpart, it is, similarly, a prestigious, predominantly white university located within a substantially black city. A team exploring possible opportunities dedicated to nurturing a more cohesive campus environment would be highly beneficial to our university, escaping notoriety or not.