New Haven’s second Starbucks will open its doors this Friday, the coffee company announced over the weekend.

The cafe will lie at the edge of Ninth Square, on the corner of Chapel and Church streets, just 1003.2 feet away from its existing shop at 1068 Chapel St. City officials said the new Starbucks will increase foot traffic to the area and will help the city’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the downtown.

The company said in a statement that it is pleased to open its second store in the Elm City and has not ruled out further store openings in the coming future.

“We are excited to open our second New Haven store to be located on the corner of Church and Chapel streets,” the company said. “Starbucks will continue with our expansion plans and open stores where our customers want and expect us to be.”

Ward 1 Alderman Nick Shalek ’05 said Starbucks’ decision to open a new store suggests that the downtown is continuing to revitalize.

“I think it is absolutely a positive development,” he said. “It is a good sign in terms of the amount of foot traffic and development activity going downtown that Starbucks decided to locate [there].”

The new location will include an outdoor seating area for its customers, the company said.