University President Richard Levin on Tuesday released the names of faculty members and administrators who will serve on the committees tasked with assessing the possible impact of two new residential colleges.

Earlier this month, Levin announced the formation of two committees — due to submit their reports next fall — that will look into how residential college expansion could affect academic resources and student life. The committee on academic resources, chaired by Dean of Undergraduate Education Joseph Gordon, has five University administrators and seven professors from across the academic disciplines on its roster. The committee on student life, chaired by psychiatry professor and former Calhoun College Master William Sledge, includes eight administrators and six part- or full-time professors. Three students who were selected by the Yale College Council last week will also sit on each committee.

Members of the committees have been instructed by Levin not to speak to the press about their work, said Ernst Huff, the associate vice president for Student Financial & Administrative Services and a member of the student life committee.

Levin said he asked committee members to refrain from commenting because they have not yet been charged with their official duties. Both committees will meet for the first time this Friday, he said.

Administrators on the student life committee are Penelope Laurans, associate dean of Yale College and special assistant to the president; Director of Athletics Thomas Beckett; Association of Yale Alumni administrator Jeanette Chavira; Afro-American Cultural Center Director Pamela George; Assistant to the President Nina Glickson; Assistant Dean of Yale College George Levesque; Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg; and Huff.

Laurans will be the vice chair of both committees.

In addition to Sledge, professors on the student life committee include Psychology Director of Undergraduate Studies Woo-kyoung Ahn, Pierson College Master Harvey Goldblatt, Berkeley College Dean Kevin Hicks, biomedical engineering professor Erin Lavik, Davenport College Master Richard Schottenfeld and Physics Department chair Ramamurti Shankar.

Sledge said his committee will make an effort to solicit feedback from students and faculty as they compile their report.

“We definitely want to get massive input from everyone, particularly students, because students are the connoisseurs of these living arrangements and know more about it than almost anyone,” he said. “Their ideas are going to be very important to us.”

Among the professors investigating the impact on academic resources are Slavic Languages and Literature Department chair Vladimir Alexandrov, economics professor Joseph Altonji, English professor Janice Carlisle, Center for Language Study Associate Director Bradley Gano, Calhoun College Master Jonathan Holloway, Saybrook College Master Mary Miller and chemistry professor Kurt Zilm.

One of the academic committee’s main tasks will be looking into how the size of the faculty would have to be expanded in order to ensure that freshmen are still able to take small classes and that seminars taught by full professors will be available to juniors and seniors, Levin said. He said the committee will also have to investigate what additional library and information technology resources would be needed to support a larger student body.

Administrators on the academic resources committee include Laurans; University Librarian Alice Prochaska; Associate Director of Yale College Diane Rodrigues; Associate Dean of Science Education in Yale College William Segraves; and Deputy Provost for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Lloyd Suttle.

Emily Weissler ’09, who will serve on the student life committee, said she expects students and faculty on the committee to form a cohesive group.

“I’m excited to work with them going forward,” she said. “Hopefully there will be a good working relationship.”

Alice Shyy ’08 and Larry Wise ’08 will serve on the student life committee with Weissler. Jonny Dach ’08, Lauren Russell ’09 and Jesse Wolfson ’07 will serve on the academic resources committee.