After interviewing seven extremely qualified candidates to fill the recently vacated office of Yale College Council treasurer, the YCC Executive Board is proud to announce its newest officer, David Roosth ’09. The treasurer, like the other executive board positions, is normally elected by the student body. Because of the recent vacancy in the treasurer position, the executive board was charged with the task of filling this vacancy with a nominee approved by a two-thirds vote of the council. We are pleased to introduce our new treasurer, Dave.

Dave has emerged as a hard-working and passionate YCC representative this year. He has worked since the beginning of the semester to set up Campus Cash, a program that would allow students to use their student ID to pay at off-campus dining locations and consolidate existing payment accounts like Flex Points and Eli Bucks. We have been impressed with his ability to enlist the support of a wide range of individuals both on and off campus, including University administrators, local business owners and students. Dave conducted a collegewide poll which showed that 92 percent of the student body supported the creation of this program. The Campus Cash program is currently awaiting approval by the Office of Finance and Administration.

We were extremely impressed by the preparation and talent of the other six candidates, Daniel Bleiberg ’09, Michael Chao ’10, Bill Fishel ’08, Emily Schofield ’09, Nathan Segal ’08 and Daniel Seifert ’09. We were thankful for the burden of having to choose between candidates who have worked to improve campus life as members of the YCC, the Yale Student Activities Committee, the Committee for Campus-wide Activities and the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee.

Jumping into one of the most technically complicated positions on the Executive Board midway through the year requires competence and dedication. In making our decision, we examined the following criteria: ability to execute the duties of treasurer, dedication to the job, relationship with the YCC and University administrators, and familiarity with issues important to the student body. After taking these factors into account, we have full confidence that Dave will rise to the challenge and make a great treasurer. Dave has worked tirelessly on the YCC, building consensus among fellow representatives and supporting them in the issues they are working on. We know he will bring this drive and enthusiasm to the treasurer position. Along with making policy decisions as part of the YCC executive board, he will be involved in financing undergraduate organizations as a liaison to the UOFC and in planning campuswide events such as Spring Fling and the Winter Show.

We are keenly aware that by selecting Dave, the executive board now lacks a female voice. We do not take this matter lightly. We encourage female students to run for positions of leadership in this year’s elections. Half of the current YCC representatives are females. We hope many of them will consider joining the executive board in the future.

The widespread interest of qualified candidates for the treasurer position is a testament to the performance of this year’s YCC. We have begun the year by working on a host of issues, from financial aid to laundry services, that we feel will improve life for all Yalies. The first semester saw several great campuswide events, including nights out with Al Sharpton, Borat and Mr. Yale. We are excited to have Dave on board with us to make sure Lewis Black is funnier than Horatio Sanz and Spring Fling is the best party of the year.

Emery Choi is a senior in Branford College and the president of the Yale College Council. Steven Engler is a senior in Saybrook College and the vice president of the Yale College Council. Zach Marks is a sophomore in Saybrook College and secretary of the Yale College Council.