To the Editor:

This letter is addressed to the many hundreds of Yale students who tried to come to the Yale Political Union meeting with Justice Antonin Scalia on Nov. 9, in SSS 114, and weren’t able to get in.

I, and the YPU’s executive board, would like to offer our sincere apologies that the Yale Police had to turn so many students away. The Union worked hard for a month leading up to Justice Scalia’s visit to try to secure a larger room for the event, in particular approaching the Yale Law School and requesting their auditorium. Unfortunately, we were denied access to these larger rooms.

We are very sorry for the many students who were disappointed at not getting to hear Scalia speak. We hope to provide better accommodations for students at similar meetings in the future. And we hope the University administration will bear last week in mind, and help us secure more appropriate rooms for the appropriate guests.

Roger Low

Nov. 14

The writer is a senior in Branford College and the president of the Yale Political Union.