Dating only at Yale closes off many potential options for quality relationships

To the Editor:

In her Tuesday column, Melissa-Victoria King lambasted those who meet their mates online, suggesting that we should content ourselves instead with dating fellow Yalies (“Prevalence of online dating is worrisome,” 10/24). King went so far as to laud the benefits of a “screened gene pool” in dating within Ivy walls. This curious edict smacks of old-guard elitism. I agree that students should not limit themselves exclusively to online dating (though frankly, I know none who does); more important however, we should not arbitrarily constrain our mate search to the Yale campus. To suggest that no worthy partners exist — online or otherwise — beyond these walls is ridiculous. Perhaps some online dating is in order for Miss King, to open her eyes to the many worthy rogues jostling just outside her ivory tower.

Michael Seringhaus

Oct. 24

The writer is a sixth-year graduate student in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and a regular columnist for the News.