Last night, another shooting added to a growing number of violent incidents in areas immediately surrounding Yale’s campus.

A 14-year-old boy riding a bicycle was shot outside Shaw’s supermarket on Whalley Ave. at approximately 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses said his assailants were two other teenage boys wearing green and blue T-shirts who fled the scene on their bicycles.

A security guard who wished to remain anonymous said that while Tuesday was not the first time gunshots have been heard in the area, it was the first occasion in which he had seen someone wounded.

“There was this guy on the ground,” the guard said. “He had been hit once, but he was conscious.”

New Haven Police Lt. Chris Kelly, the shift commander for the evening, said the victim had a single wound to his lower abdomen and that he had been taken to a hospital for treatment. Kelly said he had no information on the boy’s condition.

NHPD units responded after the security guard reported to the police officer on duty in Shaw’s that he had heard gunshots, and the police officer subsequently called for backup.

Kelly said the shooting happened a couple of blocks away and that the victim stumbled over to the nearby CVS Pharmacy parking lot, where medical care was administered.

Kelly said police only spoke to one witness, but at the time there was no indication the victim knew the assailants or that the attack was provoked.

Jordan Schnaps ’08, a Davenport College resident annexed at the Harrison Court apartments on Park Street, said he goes to Shaw’s frequently to shop for groceries for the upcoming week. He said that while the shooting hasn’t really affected how safe he feels in the area surrounding Shaw’s during the daytime, he will be more cautious if he decides to go to Shaw’s at night.

“I think that as a general rule you should never be alone somewhere at night,” he said. “There have been times I’ve been alone, but after this I think I’ll reconsider that.

Kelly said another shooting occurred around 5 p.m. a mile away from Shaw’s, in an area farther from the Yale campus. But he said there was no indication the two shootings were related.

Kelly said the victim was alone at the time of the shooting. He said that according to one witness, one of the attackers shot the victim from under his arm as he rode by on his bicycle.

A young woman who was at the scene before and during the crime, and who wished to remain anonymous, said she thought the attacks were provoked by territorial gang differences.

“A lot of … young girls started the trouble, going off down the street,” she said. “Then these two boys came back a bit later on bikes and shot this other guy because he was … [from] the Tribe.”

The shooting comes days after a Sept. 21 peace vigil that sought to take a stand against youth violence in the New Haven community. At the gathering, adults and youth alike stressed the need to find an end to the city’s cycle of violence.

Shaw’s employees said that while they heard the shooting, they paid no attention to it because they were on shift.

“I was working, so I didn’t leave,” said one employee who requested anonymity.