It seems that everybody’s favorite rapper these days is illiterate or, at best, reads at a fourth-grade level. Intelligent lyricism has fallen by the wayside, while catchy meaningless grunting combined with repetitive party beats have invaded the airwaves. Here are 10 songs that you are guaranteed not to hear on the radio or see on “TRL”. You have probably heard of maximum three artists on this underground mixtape. If this is indeed the case and you consider yourself a fan of this corrupted art form we call hip-hop, please take a few minutes and feel very ashamed of yourself. Then do some research and open your ears to some rap music that’s not blasting up from south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

— Gabe Hernandez ’07, who most certainly included himself on the mix.

1. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. GZA – “On the Eve of War” from Legacy of Blood

2. Non Phixion – “Black Helicopters” from The Future is Now

3. The Arsonists – “Pyromaniax” from As the World Burns

4. Sage Francis – “Slow Down Gandhi” from A Healthy Distrust

5. R.A. the Rugged Man and J-Live – “Give it Up” from Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture

6. De La Soul feat. MF DOOM – “Rock Co.Kane Flow” from The Grind Date

7. Immortal Technique – “The 4th Branch” from Revolutionary Vol. 2

8. Del tha Funkee Homosapien – “Virus” from Deltron 3030

9. Black Moon – “War Zone” from War Zone

10. The Skeptics feat. MC Platano – “Long Way from Home” from The Equinox