The Elm City has continued to draw new retailers downtown, attracting a mix of students and local shoppers with diverse offerings.

In recent months, United Roots, Paradise Beach Club and Spa, and Yuppy Boutique have opened up in downtown New Haven. University Properties Marketing Director Shana Schneider ’00 said the diversity of the city’s new businesses suggests that New Haven has begun to see a broader swath of economic growth than has been the norm in recent decades.

“It’s exciting to see additional shops opening up in downtown New Haven,” Schneider said. “It’s not only restaurants that we see taking hold, but also new retailers. It’s evidence of the revitalization of New Haven.”

United Roots, a bath and body product shop that opened six weeks ago on Ninth Square, is the newest addition to the area. The store offers a large selection of relatively high-end perfumes, body oils and bath products.

“We’ve been meaning to come to New Haven for a long time,” said Zliz Sanchez, a store manager at United Roots. “New Haven is great. It’s a really diverse metropolis.”

Sanchez said the decision to open a branch in the city was largely influenced by the University’s presence. Business is “blooming,” she said, and she hopes the store will see more Yale clientele in the coming weeks.

Located on Temple Street, Paradise Beach Club and Spa has been up and running since April of this year. Boasting the slogan “Experience paradise without leaving town,” the spa offers both tanning and spa services, including the only “My Myst Mystic” tanning booth in New Haven and the only body-wrap service in Connecticut.

“We tend to see more New Haven residents here than Yale students, but we’re hoping to start having more business from students,” spa owner Jamy Buttner said.

Single sessions for the tanning services range from $10 to $33, while those for the spa services span anywhere from $50 to $100. Yale clients typically opt for the spa services, including the waxing sessions and facials, Buttner said.

Yuppy Boutique, a designer urban clothing store on Chapel Street, came to New Haven at the end of last year. The store offers high-end urban wear and targets a young audience, and several Yale students visit the store each day, Yuppy Boutique co-owner Ricardo Beamon said.

“I think I’ve visited the store about 10 or 15 times since it opened,” Danielle Moore ’06 said. “Each time I find something new that I like.”