The Yale Student Activities Committee is entering final negotiations to bring a stand-up comedy act to campus for its annual Fall Show this October, committee representatives said Thursday.

This will mark the second year the show has been held since the event was canceled two years ago due to a lack of funding. YSAC representatives said they owe the return of the show to the $50 optional student activities fee, which is now in its second year of existence.

YSAC Chair Mike Lehmann ’08 said the committee is currently in “serious negotiations” with the Yale administration and the invited comedian and hopes to get the final performance contract signed within the next few weeks. This year’s show will begin with short opening performances by the as-yet-unnamed headliner’s group before the one-hour main act. YSAC representatives declined to comment on the identity of the performer before closing the deal with him.

Yale College Council President Emery Choi ’07 said he thinks the comedian will be well received by students.

“We’re very excited about it,” he said.

Although Choi refused to drop names currently slated for this year’s Fall Show, he said the response to last year’s performances was a major consideration. The stand-up comedy of “Daily Show” correspondent Ed Helms scored big last fall, but the main act — an improvisational comedy troupe led by “Saturday Night Live” performer Horatio Sanz — met with a lukewarm reaction, and Choi said YSAC was looking for a different kind of show this time around.

“It was a good show overall, but the student response wasn’t a positive as we had hoped,” he said. “We’ll go with what makes students happy.”

Technical problems with the YaleStation Web site during the summer have prevented the YCC from polling student preferences regarding this year’s bill as the council did last year but Choi said he is optimistic that students will appreciate the council’s own choices.

YSAC representatives said the performer has produced an HBO special and recently appeared in several movies and television shows. Lehmann said most students will “definitely have heard of him” and described the comedian’s humor as “insightful and intellectual.”

“It’ll be very different from Horatio Sanz, for the better,” Lehmann said. “We hope to bring it to the status it had when Jimmy Fallon came to perform [in 2002].”

The Fall Show is tentatively scheduled to take place in Woolsey Hall on Oct. 12.