The Yale Sustainable Food Project will not receive additional funding next year, but officials still hope to expand it through improved efficiency, Associate Vice President for Student Financial and Administrative Services Ernst Huff said.

University officials had warned students months ago that a $25 million projected budget deficit would likely preclude a major funding expansion for the project. But with budget preparations nearly complete, Huff said he is nearly certain that there will not be any financial support beyond the program’s current $1.25 million supplement.

Huff said he still expects to expand the project by taking advantage of lower costs. The University has struck better deals with food vendors over the past year, he said. Menu designers also have a better idea of what meals most appeal to students, he said, which cuts down on wasted food.

“We’re still hopeful and somewhat confident that we will be able to expand the project based on efficiencies,” he said.

Though the project’s administrators have yet to determine how much it can expand and in what ways, Huff said they are focusing on offering more sustainable entree items.