As the school year comes to a glorious close, we here at scene think it’s high time that we Yalies take a welcome respite from waxing superfluous intellect on term papers final paper writing and feigning understanding of “Finnegan’s Wake” at dinner to cogitate the bigger picture: how we’re all terribly annoying douchebags. At the risk of sounding like a freshman in that requisite first-year Kagan class, we pose the question: “Why are we here? … and why do we feel the need to pepper our conversations with said trite pondering?”

Our cover story this week, a satirical manifesto urging for revolutionary return to intellectualism (or, HINT, pseudo-intellectualism) at Yale makes a noble attempt at answering this query. So, answer the call of Amia Srinivasan ’07, a legitimate intellectual in her own right, and pore over the tenets of the revolution! Excise the dogma, along the dotted lines of course, and poster accordingly! Purchase copious amounts of tweed! But only in autumnal months, you gauche monster.

That said, we hope you enjoy our grand finale to a most enjoyable year. Come September, we’ll return with decidedly more traditional incarnations of journalism for our cover features, continuing to investigate the panoply of cultures, subcultures and the occasional anomalies that populate Yale. While only four issues of scene remain for the Managing Board of 2007, we trust that next year’s Board will continue scene’s established tradition of rich journalism on subjects related to arts and living, cultural critique and inventive graphics and design.

We are, of course, indebted to the Class of 2006 for their all of their participation and support. To last year’s scene board — the rigorous Claire Stanford, the unfathomably loud Max Abelson and Susan Posluszny, the doting matron of it all — for their dedication in reinvigorating scene from less-inspired editors (and appallingly bad graphic designers.) We extend a similar thanks to Kevin Roe, our trusty restaurant critic versed in all things noodle and sauce related. Also, we thank our beloved columnists, including our strapping Brit, Nick Baldock, the politically and culturally savvy Carl Williott, and the radiant and irreverent Jana Sikdar, who’s never been afraid to tackle a topic — from mourning at a funeral to managing your pubic ‘fro. We’ll miss you all.