The formerly annual “Exotic Erotic” party — banned in 2001 due to concerns about security and damage to residential college property — will be revived this year as an end-of-the-year event for the senior class, Senior Class Council representatives said Tuesday.

The return of the event known for its scantily-clad partygoers will be at Toad’s Place on the night of Monday, April 24, the last day of classes. The SCC has made a few changes to the party to make it more specifically a senior class event, SCC Secretary Tre Borden ’06 said. While some students said they were happy to see the return of what they called a Yale tradition, others said they thought the event’s new location and the elimination of the “the less you wear, the lower the fare” entrance rule could make the party less exciting than it has been in the past.

SCC representative and event chair Megan Prichard ’06 said “Exotic Erotic” will be the first in a long series of events that will cap off the current senior class’ last year at Yale.

“Our class has never seen a true ‘Exotic Erotic,'” she said. “We’re really hoping to make this party pretty darn good and have it reemerge as a Yale tradition.”

Borden said the party will be modeled after Stanford University’s annual “Exotic Erotic” dance, to which students have arrived wearing strategically placed musical instruments, stuffed animals and duct tape.

This year, the Yale version of the party will feature ice luges shaped like “naughty body parts,” a body shot station with a human-shaped dartboard denoting shot location, and contests with free merchandise as prizes, Borden said. Attire will be restricted to one piece of clothing for a male student and two for female students, Borden said, and underclassmen must pay $15 to attend, but seniors will be admitted for free. SCC will restrict attendance to students aged 21 or older, he said.

Borden said the new changes in party rules will make “Exotic Erotic” a senior party that allows some interested underclassmen to attend.

“We just want seniors to get together and have fun in a creative and sexy way,” Borden said. “I hope people take the chance to go all-out.”

Though “Exotic Erotic” was traditionally held in the Timothy Dwight College courtyard, the party was canceled in 2001 when the residential college underwent renovations, and it was declared defunct the following year by TD Master Robert Thompson, who cited alcohol poisonings and extensive damage to college property that he said had accompanied the event in previous years.

Students had mixed reactions to the revival of “Exotic Erotic.”

Michael Chan ’06 said he is not planning on attending the party, but he said he expects it to be popular among seniors this year.

“It’s not my kind of thing, but I think it’s a creative event and people will definitely go,” Chan said.

Though the party has been designed as a senior class event, Catherine Reibel ’08 said she considers it a worthwhile campus event for all students.

“It’s a different type of party that you just can’t experience that often at Yale,” she said.

But Reibel said the changes in party regulations may dampen attendees’ spirits.

“They might mess up the purpose of the party and make it more of a swimsuit party,” she said. “People will be more inhibited.”

Borden said he thinks “Exotic Erotic” will be just as risque as it has been in past years.

“I’m sure a lot of people have something cool up their sleeves that they won’t show until that night,” he said.

Other students said they were still deciding whether they would attend the party over other planned end-of-the-year activities.

Bianca Bracho-Perez ’06 said she has heard a lot of talk about the event, but is not sure if she will participate.

“It’s not a top priority for me, because there will probably be a lot of other stuff going on,” she said.