Puerto Rican native Frances Pesquera ’07, a molecular, cellular and developmental biology major, is currently balancing preparation for the upcoming MCAT with cultural and service-related extracurricular activities. From working at an undergraduate lab to participating as an active member of the La Casa Cultural Center, this Jonathan Edwards junior spends each of her busy days trekking up and down Science Hill.

Tuesday, April 11

9 a.m. — “Cell Biology” in Osborn Memorial Laboratories with professors Thomas Pollard and Craig Crews:

Pesquera is taking this class as part of her MCDB major. Although it is “extremely hard,” she said she appreciates the course because it helps put everything she has learned so far in perspective.

“I like [‘Cell Biology’] because it brings together all the subjects I’ve learned before in biology and it integrates a lot of concepts that I’ve learned in my other classes,” Pesquera said.

10:15 a.m. — Work at MCDB Undergraduate Laboratory, Osborn Memorial Laboratories:

As part of her job, Pesquera prepares the teaching labs for students in introductory biology classes. She said she was surprised by the amount of work that goes into setting up apparatuses and mixing solutions before students even step into lab.

“It’s interesting to see all the work that goes into preparing the labs that we as students take,” she said.

12:45 p.m. — Lunch, Kline Biology Tower”

Pesquera said time alone with her chicken Caesar wrap and newspaper at this Science Hill eatery is one of the best parts of her busy day.

“I usually eat by myself because there aren’t a lot of people in KBT,” Pesquera said.

7 p.m. — La Casa Cultural Center:

As part of her role as La Casa Student Coordinator, Pesquera organized a poetry reading at the group’s Crown Street house. She spent three hours preparing, cleaning up and generally “stressing out getting everything together.”

“I’ve been working on it for a couple of months with [Puerto Rican student group] Despierta Boricua, La Casa, and the help of a professor,” she said. “The event turned out really well.”

10 p.m. — Studying for the MCAT in Jonathan Edwards 748

Pesquera ends her day back in her room, preparing for the medical school entrance exam she will take this Saturday.

“I’m taking the Kaplan course and have really been studying since February,” she said.