Unbussed Dining Hall Trays

Though dining hall tables were made to support discarded copies of YDN scene (left for another adoring reader), ads for YCC candidates and napkin holders, the one thing that should never be left after a semi-satisfying meal is your cluttered tray. If you’re too lazy to bus your own tray, it’s hard to believe that you’ve got the energy to stare longingly in the mirror day after day telling yourself how important and amazing you are. Like your third-grade teacher said, “yo’ mamma don’t work here” — clean up your own shit.

Pundits’ Big Brassy Jingle Balls

While traditionally known for their tepid humor and unwarranted nudity, the Pundits of nigh have reached more profound levels of nuisance-dom. Have you heard that reindeer din between classes at WLH? Grimaced at that extra cacophony in Starbucks? Direct your ire at the ’06 delegation of the Pundits, who’ve crafted the most elaborate failure of a punchline this campus has ever witnessed (including Gunther).