A New York high school senior filed a lawsuit in a Minnesota state court against the College Board and its vendor — Pearson Educational Measurement — on Friday, in response to the SAT scoring errors that have affected a reported 4,411 high school seniors.

The lawyers of the unidentified high school senior are looking for class action status so that any student whose scores in the October testing were affected can join the lawsuit.

Of the 495,000 students who took the exam, 600 received scores that were higher than they should have been and were not corrected in reports to colleges to which students applied. The plaintiff’s lawyers are demanding that College Board officials correct not only those scores that were too low — as they have already done — but also those that were higher than merited, claiming that the current situation is unfair.

College Board officials have said they did not adjust erroneously high scores because they did not want to penalize students who had already made decisions about college applications based on their received scores.

This is the first lawsuit filed against the College Board regarding the recent SAT scoring errors, though several other law firms are courting potential defendants.