Thomas Hsieh

College/Year: Jonathan Edwards ’08

Hometown: Bethesda, Md.

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Thomas Hsieh ’08 hopes to use the position of UOFC chair as a conduit through which to award funding to as many groups as possible and to create a friendlier environment for groups seeking funds.

“I want to work with the groups to see how they can become eligible for funding,” Hsieh said. “I’m looking to find equal opportunity for all groups. Right now new groups don’t get as much as a group that has been around for a longer time.”

Because the chair is the only elected member of the UOFC, Hsieh believes it is especially important that the “right personalities” are represented on the board. As chair, he said he will work with the YCC to appoint UOFC members who will best serve the undergraduate organization’s needs.

Although Hsieh has never served on the UOFC, he is an active member of the Zeta Psi fraternity and the Jonathan Edwards Student Activities Committee, as well as a Community Health Educator.

Michael Ma

College/Year: Morse ’09

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Major: Economics

Michael Ma ’09 wants to focus on increasing both the UOFC’s transparency and the maximum amount groups may receive from the committee.

Ma said he would like to create tools to help organizations understand the UOFC’s timeline and methodology, because he thinks many students are unfamiliar with both the board members and their protocol.

“A lot of time you send in application [for funding] and don’t know the current state until later on, so I want to develop a Web site to have everything in real time,” he said.

Additionally, Ma wants to increase the maximum funding limit to somewhere within the $800 to $850 range.

Although he has never served on the UOFC, Ma is a YCC representative and is also involved with the Yale International Relations Association and serves on the board of Security Council Simulation at Yale.

Ned Mitchell

College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’09

Hometown: Deerfield, Ill.

Major: Undecided

Ned Mitchell ’09 said he will bring experience and pragmatism to the position of UOFC chair.

Mitchell, the only candidate who serves as a full UOFC member, said he believes the current individual funding category cap of $300 is unrealistic and should be made more flexible. He also said funding prohibitions should be removed on packing and shipping costs.

“To really make an impact on student life through the UOFC, we need to make a commitment to real, practical solutions,” Mitchell said.

His experience includes serving as the UOFC liaison to the CCA and as funding director for the Yale Hunger and Homeless Action Project. He is also a Yale Tour Guide.

Hassan Siddiq

College/Year: Trumbull ’08

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Major: Economics and International Studies

Hassan Siddiq ’08 has identified four areas he would like to improve upon as UOFC chair: increasing the funding limit, expanding the number of application deadlines, increasing the expense category, and expanding the current capital purchase program.

Siddiq said he would like to increase the funding limit from the current $600, but declined to name a specific figure because he said he would like to make an assessment based upon what next year’s funding allows. He also said he would raise the amount of funding in particular for organizations that have existed for at least four years.

“These are the ones who are self-sustaining and show a strong potential to grow,” Siddiq said.

Additionally, Siddiq said that he wants to increase application deadlines from the current four to eight, allocate more than $300 per expense category, and increase the capital purchase program, which saves organizations money by creating a base of physical capital they can utilize.

Siddiq served as an alternate on the UOFC this year, which has endorsed him for the position. He is also a founding member of the cricket club and participates in the Muslim Students Association.

— Candidate profiles compiled by Carrie Lynn and Cullen Macbeth.