Priya Prasad

College/Year: Berkeley ’08

Hometown: Manhattan, N.Y.

Major: Economics

As treasurer, Priya Prasad ’08 intends to make practical changes that will directly affect the student body. In addition to creating a more organized system for residential college condom distribution and pushing professors to break the effective monopoly on course packet printing by submitting packets to more than one copy shop, Prasad wants to work with the UOFC to expand funding deadlines and options.

“Right now, organizations can only apply for $300 for each category,” Prasad said. “A lot of times people will only end up getting $300 when they need like $600 for a magazine.”

Prasad also wishes to help distribute funds to organizations more fairly.

“When we implemented the Student Activities Committee, one of the ideas behind it was that organizations would get more money,” Prasad said. “We need to directly market it by talking to more organizational chairs to let them know that they can apply for money.”

As treasurer of the Asian-American Student Alliance, Prasad feels she has had significant experience managing money.

Daniel Seifert

College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’09

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

Major: Economics and East Asian Studies

As treasurer, Daniel Seifert ’09 plans to focus on increasing the return on the University’s endowment, instituting 24-hour dining hall service, and improving communication among the YCC, the treasurer’s office, and all on-campus groups.

To raise capital for student activities, Seifert hopes to implement an alumni fund drive and invest the endowment in the form of a mutual fund. Seifert said he thinks his proposals will double the Student Activities Committee’s budget within four years.

“In the long run, I can see the endowment replacing the Student Activities Fee as a means to get funding,” he said.

Seifert has developed his leadership and organizational skills as FCC Activities Committee Chair and a member of the club soccer team.

Interested in finance, he is a member of the Investment Club.

— Candidate profiles compiled by Carrie Lynn and Cullen Macbeth.