Zach Marks

College/Year: Saybrook ’09

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Major: Undecided

Zach Marks ’09 proposes to use the secretary position to increase the utility of the YaleStation Web site, circulate a newsletter, and promote communication between the YCC and the student body.

“I will make YaleStation a one-stop solution for all Yalies’ needs, create a biweekly newsletter, and improve communication between the YCC and the student body so that YCC is more responsive to students’ desires,” he said.

Some of the services Marks hopes to add to the YaleStation Web site include food delivery, audio lectures and classified ads.

As the current FCC Issues Committee chair, Marks has helped introduce bathroom soap into Morse, Ezra Stiles, and Calhoun colleges, as well as develop freshman events, including library tutorials and “Take Your Professor to Dinner” nights.

— Candidate profiles compiled by Carrie Lynn and Cullen Macbeth.