Until last week, I was convinced this year’s Yale College Council presidential race was little more than a contest between five men who like themselves. That’s when I fell in love with Stephen “RSteve” Fedele ’07.

I ran into RSteve as I was leaving a meeting of the liberal yet non-threatening activist organization of which I am treasurer. He talked to me about issues. “Issues?” I thought. “But I’m just a student. All I really want to know is where the liquor and sexually appealing women are.” But as I listened to him, his inflection tinged with dark amber and verve, I realized these issues matter to me. From that moment, I knew I was for real, because RSteve was for real.

This year’s race is overwhelmed with establishment types, many of whom own blazers. We deserve a fresh perspective. As president of a club, RSteve worked with the administration to establish a popular program that marginally improved your undergraduate experience. As YCC president, you can expect RSteve to almost get a lot of things done.

RSteve understands what it means to be a Yale student. You can find him walking in many of the places Yale students walk every day: Science Hill, Cross Campus, the Timothy Dwight courtyard. If you are his friend, you may find him asking how your day is going. If you are acquainted with him, he may nod his head in your direction. If you are female, he may ask about the status of your current romantic relationship.

RSteve’s abilities are remarkable. He can effortlessly convince a throng of six-year-olds that cauliflower is delicious. He is extraordinarily gifted with gimp. He can fly. His talents have been called otherworldly, superhuman and retractable. If you can think of a reason not to elect RSteve, you must have rabies, and should stay away from me.

As YCC president, RSteve will translate his remarkable gifts into action, in ways the rest of this year’s field would barely understand. Within a month of taking office, RSteve will take the “D” out of “D.S.” Within six months, he will have the leadership of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization tickled until they are adequately annoyed. Before the year is out, he will demolish Swing Space. If RSteve will step up for Yale, I say: Bring on the bulldozers.

We need a leader who can transform this dank culvert of a campus into a sanctuary for the downtrodden and, more or less, the trodden in general. RSteve is that leader. RSteve is a force of nature. Do not underestimate him, or he will haunt your dreams.

Eric March is a junior in Morse College.