There is only one candidate for Yale College Council president that can deliver on those campaign promises you’ll be hearing: Emery Choi ’07. Having worked with Emery during three years on the YCC, we have been impressed by his dedication, innovation and ability to get things done.

Furthermore, Emery is arguably the most qualified candidate for YCC president ever to run. He served on the first Yale Student Activities Committee, where he chaired a profitable Winter Ball; served as YCC representative; and this year, as YCC treasurer, was a member of the executive board.

This experience is crucial — Emery has shown he can excel in new and unexpected situations. Because of the student activities fee, he was given the task of overseeing the management of more money than any YCC treasurer. He supervised its innovative uses, including improving Spring Fling, reviving the Fall Show, adding new campuswide events and getting money to club sports. Emery set up committees and advisory boards of club sports captains and students so everyone could have more say in how funds would be spent. Before the year’s end, Emery will bring together club leaders to discuss how to improve the distribution process next year.

As president, Emery will continue to work with undergraduate organizations. He wants to centralize the process for organizations to gain nonprofit status, simplify the room reservation process, provide Web design clinics for groups to build Web sites, raise the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee maximum from $600 to $800 and improve access to University alumni databases.

Emery is committed to a more diverse YCC through recruitment goals that will ensure the YCC is representative of the whole student body. He knows the YCC can help Yale students do more for the community, a commitment he has shown through his work on the Yale Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Emery intends to use his three-year relationships with administrators to push for a reduction in the student income contribution and increase the availability of sophomore seminars.

We know candidates often make lofty promises about what they hope to achieve, asking students to trust them and take the risk. With Emery, there is no risk. No other candidate has so well proven his ability to run campuswide events; know every issue inside and out; and demonstrate leadership, commitment, responsibility. Emery Choi is the best candidate to lead the YCC next year.

David Gerskoff is a senior in Branford College. He is a former YCC representative. Elliott Mogul ’05 is a first-year law student. He is a former president of the YCC.