Legal representatives for Yale history professor Paul Kennedy appeared in court March 9 to discuss preliminary details of his case with the prosecution.

Greg Pepe, Kennedy’s lawyer, said the court proceeding was a minor administrative one in which details of the prosecution’s evidence against Kennedy were discussed. Kennedy faces five charges, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for his involvement in a Feb. 2 car accident in which a School of Music student was injured. Pepe said New Haven Police Department records of Kennedy’s accident were incomplete at the March 9 proceeding.

“His file was … missing the results of some of the testing that the police conducted when he was arrested,” Pepe said.

After Kennedy’s arrest, Yale administrators and Kennedy’s colleagues told the News that Kennedy was sober at the time of the accident.

Pepe said Kennedy could have appeared intoxicated to police because of injuries he sustained from polio as a child. Kennedy, he said, has a slightly crooked walk and is unable to pass field sobriety tests.

Kennedy’s vehicle struck Marisa Green MUS ’06 as she was exiting her parked car on Bishop Street. Green sustained minor injuries.

Kennedy is next scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.