A senior in Berkeley College sustained minor injuries after she fell out of a window of her B-11 suite early Tuesday morning.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy said the student fell from the second floor around 12:30 a.m. into the moat next to the college’s South Court. He said she was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital and suffered only minor injuries.

Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg and Berkeley Master John Rogers both declined to comment out of respect for the privacy and well-being of the student and her friends. They declined to release the name of the student involved.

Emergency services personnel used a backboard to carry the victim out of the moat and onto a stretcher, said Tiffany Wan ’07, who witnessed the aftermath of the accident from her window in Calhoun College. She said the victim appeared to be in shock, but she could not gather from what she saw what the cause of the accident had been.

Wan said the victim seemed to be suffering as she was being taken out of the moat and put into the ambulance.

“There was lots of screaming outside, which is what drew my attention,” she said.

Conroy said the police concluded the fall was accidental, but he declined to comment on whether the student was intoxicated at the time of her fall.

“My understanding is that there was nothing criminal regarding the incident and therefore from my point of view, I wouldn’t share any other details of anything about the incident and the circumstances,” Conroy said.

Kira Shewfelt ’06, who was unaware of the details of the incident, said Berkeley College had organized a cocktail party for its seniors in the dining hall on Monday evening. She said that alcohol was served at the event, but that most people consumed with moderation and heavy drinking was not encouraged.

“I would assume that it was a dinner and couple of drinks,” she said. “It was a lively event.”

Officials at Yale-New Haven Hospital said they had no information concerning the identity or condition of the victim.