An experiment (directed to legal drinkers only, of course): drink one vodka-redbull for every song in this mix. It’ll start slow, but the rhythm will gradually increase until you don’t even notice song changes anymore. And eventually, you’ll be dancing like an idiot to the world’s cheesiest collection of songs.

And you’ll be happy.

Unlike most discerning mixtapes, this one focuses less on the specifics and more on the feeling. In fact, the nebulous recipe: one or two of elevator music, one or two of techno/trance/whatever cool djs are playing now, and one or two of whatever pop is in now. Stand back and watch as hipsters wither.

Alcohol and (legal) drugs optional.

–Marie Tomb ’07, whose mix becomes infinitely more fun when you find out she’s from Europe

an unabashed shindig accented by countless vodka-redbulls

1. “Holding On” : Miro : Cafe del Mar Volumen Once

2. “Lebanese Blonde” : Thievery Corporation : The Mirror Conspiracy

3. “Trail of Dawn (Varano’s Hotel of Dawn Remix)” : Slow Train : Hotel Costes Sept by Stephane Pompougnac

4. “Slow” : Kylie Minogue : Slow (single)

5. “Da Funk” : Daft Punk : Daft Punk

6. “Eple” : Royksopp : Melody AM

7. “Shiny Disco Balls” : Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve : Shiny Disco Balls (single)

8. “Safe From Harm” : Narcotic Thrust : Narcotic Thrust EP

9. “The Rockafeller Skank” : Fatboy Slim : You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

10. “Push the Button” : Sugababes : Taller in More Ways