The computer cluster in the basement of Connecticut Hall reopened Monday evening, two weeks after a broken radiator leaked water down from the fourth floor, damaging the oldest standing building in New Haven.

The cluster’s opening coincided with the release of a tentative schedule outlining other repairs to Connecticut Hall during the next month, facilities officials said. Workers are currently replacing carpets and hardwood floors damaged in the leak, some of which are slated for completion early next week.

Director of Facilities Operations Eric Uscinski had originally predicted that the repairs would be completed this week, but said on Monday that some final detail work, including painting and carpeting, remains unfinished. The main holdup now is replacing the hardwood floor in the Faculty Room, which hosts college-wide faculty meetings. The University ordered special oak planks to preserve the 250-year-old building’s architecture, Uscinski said.

“The floors are a pretty sizeable part of the project,” he said. “It’s certainly one of Yale’s historic buildings, so we want to restore it properly.”

The flooding also damaged two portraits of former deans hanging in the Faculty Room.

Philosophy Department chairman Michael Della Rocca said he is impressed with the pace of the repairs. Some employees were temporarily displaced while their offices were repainted, but the department’s activities have proceeded as usual, he said.

“It’s a great building, and it was sad to see part of it damaged,” Della Rocca said. “Now we want it back 100 percent, and it’s getting there.”

Though staff working in the building said the basement cluster was hardest hit by the flooding, the cluster’s carpets have been replaced and the computers are now open to students.