State and city officials signed an agreement on the Q-bridge Project this week, resolving what officials called a series of “misunderstandings” threatening the completion of a plan to alleviate congestion on the I-95 Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, Department of Transportation spokesman Chris Cooper said.

The $1.4 billion plan to turn the I-95’s current bridge above the Quinnipiac River into a 10-lane highway faced uncertainty last October when the Federal Highway Administration threatened to suspend the project due to ballooning costs and funding concerns. Thursday’s deal put in writing the resolution of a Nov. 9 meeting between federal, state and city officials, Cooper said.

“There were a variety of issues relating to the Q-bridge in regards to the design of it and the negotiations of the ancillary projects in the immediate area,” Cooper said. “[But] once we all got in the room together there was nothing that didn’t get resolved.”

The New Haven Register reported that the state agreed Tuesday to the construction and funding of a $30 million replica of the Yale Boathouse as well as the reconstruction of major roads in the area to accommodate increasing traffic flow. The state will also pay for erosion control along Long Wharf Drive and convert the thoroughfare into a park.

— David Shieh