Dozens of students using Cingular Wireless said they experienced disruptions in their cellular telephone service on campus Saturday and Sunday.

Rachel Sam ’09, a Cingular subscriber, said she was unable to use her cellphone for most of Sunday and has found the interruption frustrating.

“Cingular has been down for most of the weekend,” she said. “When my calls did go through, I would always go straight to the voice mail of my other Cingular friends.”

Affected students said the problems tended to affect both incoming and outgoing calls.

Cingular subscriber Andrew Beaty ’07 said he received only one call between Saturday and Sunday night and all other incoming calls went straight to his voice mail.

“When I would try to make calls, I’d say it worked only about 50 percent of the time,” he said.

Beaty said he plans to call Cingular today if his service has not improved.

Students with other network providers have not reported any similar interruption in service.

Cingular Wireless representatives could not be reached for comment Sunday night.