A meeting held today between School of Architecture administrators and second year masters’ students regarding a decision that some students complained was made hastily and without explanation drew mixed reactions, a student participant in the meeting said.

According to the student, who asked to remain anonymous, the administration has agreed to revise a plan that would have placed him and eight other students who had failed their portfolio assessments on an alternative path toward graduation. The decision mandated that the students take a leave of absence in the fall and a series of alternative studio classes that would almost ensure a delayed graduation.

The administration’s new offer would allow affected students to graduate on time without taking the previously required leave of absence, the student said. But under the new offer, students would still be required to remain in an alternative studio for this semester.

“I am not entirely satisfied, but not having to take time off, and the possibility of graduating on time, are big reliefs,” the student said. “The main concerns that remain include the costs and extra time involved — not graduating on time — in the event that a second advanced studio is required or desired.”He said the students involved have not decided as a group whether they will pursue further action.

School of Architecture Dean Robert Stern declined to comment Thursday afternoon.