Now that we have more than half of fall semester under our belts and only seven more days until break, everyone is looking forward to stuffing themselves with Turkey (or Tofurkey, for our vegan friends). But before this can happen, we have to survive a Cantab invasion as thousands of our uber-nerd brethren migrate from the colonial confines of Cambridge, Mass.

Like a Viking horde carrying physics books and 20-odd years of sexual frustration, the Harvard kids will swarm on campus in buses, in cars and on foot — huffing it from the train station while mumbling under their breath how New Haven is so much dirtier and less interesting than the “mean streets” of Boston.

Friday is guaranteed to be filled with ceaseless awkwardness as Yalies and Cantabs stumble from under-20-person party to under-20-person party.

On a more upbeat note, the administration’s rules have made hosting a party on Friday night fairly easy: 1 bottle of tequila + 1 package of Solo cups = party.

Even a Harvard visual and environmental studies concentrator (a real major at Harvard) can understand that equation.

Of course this situation also promises to result in hookups of the inter-Ivy kind, and the cross-pollination of supersmart STD’s along with valedictorian semen.

So enjoy the last few days of fever-pitch work — and the last edition of an official scene section until after Thanksgiving break. And when enjoying yourself next weekend, don’t forget your eight-syllable words and prophylactics.