1. Alfred Lansing, “Endurance”

The greatest survival book ever. It’s like the bible for outdoor adventurers.

2. Ayn Rand. “The Fountainhead”

“Howard Roark laughed.” Bucking convention is something everyone tries sooner or later.

3. Ernest Hemingway. “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

Everyone needs a Hemingway on their list, and one book on war. For Whom the Bell Tolls gives you both.

4. Michael Lewis. “Moneyball”

“Baseball been berry, berry good to me”.

5. Ernst Herberger, “Rudern – The GDR Text of Oarsmanship”

This is how the Easties did it back in the day.

6. Dr. John Sarno, “Healing Back Pain”

As you get older, you reach points in your life when you’ll try anything once!