To the Editor:

As the leader of the illustrious Progressive Party, I was shocked and appalled by the implications made in William Palmer’s column on “The sad reality of Yale’s political dialogue” (10/18). That Mr. Palmer would be so presumptuous as to assume that we would ever hook him up with our dealer indicates one of the many flaws in his “cracked-out” reasoning. I’m sure Mr. Palmer would be surprised to hear that we Progs pride ourselves on our commitment to social action, and we organize an array of social action projects each semester. I’m sure it would be superfluous to mention our debates are enlightening and thought-provoking, especially when we delve into topics like, “We’re still waiting for the Messiah to come sort this s**t out.” Perhaps Mr. Palmer would be incredulous when I add that some of the best friends I have made at Yale (and certainly the best sex I have had at Yale) have come from my membership in the Progs. When the YPU takes itself too seriously, the merry pranksters of the Progs are the ones to bring it down a notch with a parade of goats’ heads, penis jokes or puppets. Who else would bring a hookah to the debate on controlling the drug epidemic? Who else would steal a member of the Independent Party’s underwear? There is a place for humor, fun and revelry in Yale’s political dialogue.

Mr. Palmer, you have been removed from our mailing list. Please never call us again.

Mollie Farber ’06

Oct. 18, 2005

The writer is chairman of the Progressive Party.