To the Editor:

In response to recent News articles concerning safety, I would like to inform students of steps their representatives are taking to reduce crime.

In order to ensure that students are able to use Yale’s safety services, 2-WALK and the minibus, I am working to have a blue phone installed on Lynwood Avenue, where many students live. I am also pushing to increase awareness on campus about those services.

On a city level, we must maintain the increased police presence in the Dwight neighborhood. Also, with better lighting comes greater security, and I am working to improve sidewalks and lighting on Edgewood and Lynwood avenues. Finally, we cannot solve the problem of crime in New Haven without better youth programs. This year, the Board of Aldermen will create more comprehensive programs for young people.

In the next week, I am meeting with Police Chiefs Perrotti and Ortiz and I will continue meeting with aldermen from surrounding wards to ensure citywide safety. In the meantime, I encourage students to exercise caution and to use the safety services that Yale provides. In the past couple of weeks, the number of students calling 2-WALK has increased dramatically, and this speaks to the admirable responsibility of Yale students. I appreciate the steps that students have taken already, and I look forward to working with you as we create a safe community for everyone.

Rebecca Livengood ’07

Sept. 22, 2005

The writer is the Ward 1 alderwoman.