Comedians Ed Helms and Horatio Sanz will perform at the Fall Show Oct. 14, the Yale College Council announced late last night.

Helms, a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and Sanz, a cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” will perform at the show, which will be held in Woolsey Hall. Tickets will go on sale today on the YaleStation online portal for a discounted rate of $12 and ticket prices will rise to $15 at 11:59 tonight.

YCC President Steven Syverud ’06 estimated the show will cost between $30,000 and $60,000, which will be subsidized by revenue from the optional $50 student activities fee. Though about 37 percent of the student body opted not to pay the fee, resulting in revenues about 24 percent lower than the YCC predicted, Syverud said there is still enough money to pay for the Fall Show.

The YCC has been negotiating with the performers since late August. Syverud first said he would sign contracts the first week of September, but the process has been delayed because the YCC had to negotiate with two acts. Syverud did not release the names of the comedians until 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Chris Barber, a vice president at Pretty Polly Productions, a Waltham, Mass. firm that is producing the show, said the YCC negotiations had been slowed in recent weeks because of contract complications.

Syverud said Helms was always the YCC’s first choice and that Sanz performed “well” in the survey.

In text he prepared in an e-mail and read aloud on the telephone, Syverud said he was pleased with the act lined up for the show.

“Everyone has seen Ed and Horatio on TV on the Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, and now, thanks to the activities fee, they’re going to be performing in person for the student body,” Syverud said. “It will be neat to see them perform together. They’re both really good live performers, and I think they’ll make a great one-two combination.”

Comedians Darrell Hammond and Jimmy Fallon performed at the Fall Shows in 2003 and 2002 respectively. In 2004, the YCC did not hold a Fall Show because of a lack of funding.

Victoria Walcott ’06 said she thought the performers were pretty good, but that the YCC could possibly have done better.

“I don’t think Horatio Sanz is as funny as Jimmy Fallon, but I will probably go anyway,” Walcott said. “I would be curious to know how they got Jimmy Fallon without the activities fee.”

Some students said they are fans of Helms and Sanz and are excited for the show.

“I’m really pleased,” Stephen Kappa ’07 said. “Ed Helms is one of my favorite TV personalities. He’s popular among Yale students. He’s hilarious on ‘The Daily Show.’ In fact, I just got done watching it.”

But not every student was as thrilled as Kappa.

“I don’t understand what we as a student body are supposed to get from Horatio Sanz speaking,” Melina Cordero ’09 said. “Yeah, he’s a famous face, but is that what we’re doing for that much money? I’m not going to waste my day to see Horatio Sanz here. I watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ every week. We all have TVs in our rooms.”

Candice Andalia ’08 said she did not know who the performers were until informed that they were television personalities.

“I don’t even watch TV,” she said. “If other people are happy with it, then I’m fine.”

The YCC has also planned other events to complement the Oct. 14 performance. If weather permits, the YCC will hold a barbecue on Old Campus on the day of the Fall Show, said Jacqueline Carter ’07, chair of the Yale Student Activities Council. She also said a number of fraternities and sororities have approached the YCC about holding parties before and after the show.

Some student improv comedy groups will perform before Helm and Sanz take the stage. Syverud said the YCC is planning a lottery for students to meet the comedians backstage.

–Additional reporting by Steven Siegel, Andrew Mangino and Tyler Hill.