The Yale College Council has decided to run a regular shuttle from various points on campus to Shaw’s Supermarket on Whalley Avenue once every two weeks after its trial run shuttle last Sunday proved popular, with between 40 and 50 students taking advantage of it.

The regular service will run longer and later in the day than the trial shuttle, YCC President Steven Syverud ’06 said. One stop, in front of the Park Street gate of Pierson College, will be removed due to the small number of students who used it. The change shortens the shuttle’s total loop time to 20 minutes. The shuttle will still stop at the walkway between Jonathan Edwards and Branford on York Street, the intersection of High and Elm streets, the intersection of College and Wall streets and the main entrance of Payne-Whitney Gymnasium.

Although the YCC has not yet determined a date or time for the next shuttle run, Syverud said they will make an effort to clearly announce when and where the shuttle will pick students up and drop them off. To this end, an announcement will be made at Shaw’s each time the shuttle is ready to depart.

Shaw’s and the Office of New Haven and State Affairs will likely continue to fund the shuttle, Syverud said.

He said he thinks the shuttle will be even more popular during the winter months.

“It makes even more sense when it gets very cold,” he said. “People don’t want to be carrying a lot of groceries in the snow.”

Students have also requested that the YCC offer a shuttle service to local movie theaters, which Syverud said the YCC will look into. A shuttle to IKEA is also a possibility, although Syverud said the furniture store was “less enthusiastic” about a sponsorship than Shaw’s.

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