George Street filled with fire trucks and displaced office workers Wednesday as police responded to a bomb threat at an office building.

Police determined that there was no direct threat to the building after examining “a package with a clock on it,” Yale Police Department Lt. Harry DeBenedet said.

“We put protective clothing on and made a thorough examination of it including using X-rays,” DeBenedet said. “We also did an investigation of the situation and found that there was no threat of any type.”

University police arrived on the scene at a 4:45 p.m., and bomb technicians, including DeBenedet, removed the potential bomb from the building for examination. YPD Lt. Michael Patten said the fire department set up a perimeter around the building. The area on George Street outside the building remained closed until 6 p.m.

University Police removed all workers from 300 George St. while firefighters asked people to stand back because of the danger of flying glass, said Pat Stacy, who works in the building.

“People seemed calm, but also surprised,” she said.

The building houses offices for Yale University, Yale-New Haven Hospital and several bio-technology companies.

The bomb threat was the latest in a series of bomb-related scares. In early June, police evacuated four University buildings, including Sterling Memorial Library. Last January, police closed down a portion of College Street between Crown and Chapel streets for three hours while responding to a suspicious package in the alley next to the Palace Theater.