Friday’s story “Rocking out in summer, in style” incorrectly stated the number of albums released by The White Stripes. “Get Behind Me Satan” is the band’s fifth album.

Due to an editing error, Monday’s story inaccurately described the University’s view of the level of support for the strike among graduate students. Yale officials said the strike was not supported by a majority of the students.

Due to an editing error, Monday’s story “Betts nixes GESO discussion” incorrectly reported history professor emeritus Gaddis Smith’s previous involvement in the Yale Corporation. He has never been a fellow of the Corportation.

This error was previously made in the January 12, 2004 story “University breeds leaders.”

Monday’s story, “‘Cinema’ hopes to rejuvenate film scene,” misspelled the name of one of the “Cinema” organizers. Her name is Miye Bromberg.