To the Editor:

Roger Low would do well to remember that “conservative” and “Republican” are not interchangeable terms (“Found: the right cure for our leftist malaise,” 4/21). He would also do well to remember that the Studies in Grand Strategy program is not simply a campus oasis for conservatives or Republicans. Many students in the program consider themselves neither, and this diversity, as Low would undoubtedly agree, is a strength. Studies in Grand Strategy is, rather, a forum of open debate and discussion where students needn’t be ashamed of their political convictions but are consistently asked to defend their views on a range of subjects. It is a pity that Low sees in Studies in Grand Strategy a “battle test” in advancing the “Republican agenda” when it is the very embodiment of his hopes for liberals at Yale.

Hank Greenberg ’05

April 22, 2005

The writer was enrolled in Studies in Grand Strategy last year.