One seldom has the opportunity to attend a Master’s Tea with a porn star. Calhoun College, in a partnership with gaYalies, fulfilled the dreams of about 50 sexually charged students on Thursday by hosting Michael Lucas, a gay porn producer and star of numerous adult films.

Lucas spoke with students about sexual politics, the porn industry and his experiences as a Russian immigrant. After studying international law in Russia, Lucas lived in France for two years before moving to the United States. After beginning his career as a nude model, Lucas began acting in pornography.

Lucas started his adult film career with a short stint in heterosexual porn, but said the experience was unfulfilling.

“It was really depressing … not because it was a straight movie, but because it was a German straight movie,” he said through a thick Russian accent.

Lucas then worked as a hustler — earning money through prostitution to open up his own porn production company in New York City. Today Lucas heads Lucas Entertainment, a company that produces and distributes adult gay films featuring men representing the diverse ethnic makeup of New York.

Lucas said he believes in the work he does because porn “helps people relieve themselves.” Though Lucas admits that his work is not “intellectual material,” he does attempt to aim higher than simply selling sex scenes. His latest project is an all-gay adaptation of the film “Dangerous Liaisons.” It has been billed as the “biggest gay adult production ever,” and he said it features cameos by famous gay celebrities. Lucas said his new film is “very campy … of course, that’s what gay people like.”

Lucas stressed safe sex and condemned drug use several times during the tea. He said that he owes his health and career to the fact that he never tried drugs.

“In the end, it’s about your life, and that’s most important,” Lucas said.

When asked for the key to his success, Lucas paused for reflection.

“My talent is to surround myself with interesting and talented people and to give them a challenging project to work on,” he said.

On the subject of politics, Lucas’ views were simple.

“Gay marriage is a great thing … we’re paying taxes and we should have the same rights,” he said.

But even though he said he believes gays should have the right to marry, Lucas said he does not think they should.

“There’s a trend now in the gay world to look like straight men — to have a husband and a wife and a baby. They’re ordering these children from the Philippines,” Lucas said disdainfully, adding that he thinks gay men should be happy being different.

Lucas’ view on government intervention in the porn industry surprised many in the audience. Though he said he believes the government should put an end to films that encourage unsafe sex, he does not believe the Bush administration will crack down on pornography.

“They’re so hung up with the Iraq thing now that they wouldn’t have time for it,” Lucas said.

Lucas was received relatively well by the students who attended yesterday’s tea.

“He provided a refreshing perspective from someone you wouldn’t usually see here,” Tre Borden ’06 said. “I thought a lot of his opinions were well informed.”

A visiting pre-frosh, Daniel Waldinger, and his family also attended the event and said they found it both entertaining and informative.

“I didn’t know that people were advocating for reforms in the industry,” Waldinger’s mother, Jennifer Stone, said.

Though he’s happy with his career and claims to have a “very interesting life,” Lucas provided some simple advice for Yalies with dreams of entering the porn industry

“If you have a fantasy, keep it as a fantasy,” Lucas said.

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