To the Editor:

Reading Tess Korobkin’s opinion piece last Friday (“Silencing rape victims sanctions the crime,” 4/15) I was appalled to learn that the Clothesline Project display on Cross Campus was vandalized. It’s frightening that someone — perhaps members of the Yale community — stole nearly half of the T-shirts on display, considering that these shirts were artwork by Yale survivors of sexual assault. But I was also surprised and frustrated that I had to learn about this event through the opinion section of the Yale Daily News. Why wasn’t this significant act of vandalism and intimidation reported in the news section of the paper? The theft of the shirts sent a clear message: There are those in our community who will, through destruction of property, deny others the right to free speech in order to silence concerns about sexual assault. Surely this news was worth a few inches in the News section.

Chelsea Purvis ’06

April 18, 2005