Andrew Kroon, a Berkeley College senior, was found dead Saturday in his room in the Taft Apartments.

Yale College Dean Peter Salovey said Sunday that though police and the medical examiner have not yet released any reports, the death is believed to be accidental. University administrators and Berkeley College Master John Rogers learned of the death Saturday evening.

“At this point, our hearts go out to his family,” Salovey said. “The death of anyone so young … is always a tragedy.”

Berkeley students were notified Sunday morning in an e-mail from Rogers about the death. A gathering was held at 4 p.m. at the Master’s House for students, family and friends of Kroon.

Before the meeting, Rogers described Kroon, a Latin American Studies major, as active in many student environmental groups and interested in the welfare of people throughout Latin America.

“This is a student who will be unbelievably missed by countless members of the Yale community,” he said. “His social conscience manifested itself in everything he did.”

Over a hundred people attended the gathering, including many members of the Berkeley community and Kroon’s family.

“A life cut off early and short, it just reminds us of the preciousness of our own life and our mortality,” Salovey said. “One would hope one would remember those things without having to experience such a shocking reminder of them.”

Salovey said Lorraine Higgins, who works at the mental hygiene clinic, has arranged to have counselors available to speak with anyone who knew Kroon.