Lisa Jacque ’06 does not hold any records for goals or assists on the women’s hockey team, but in the intangibles, she is an all-star. And because of that, her teammates elected her the 2005-2006 captain.

Last night at the annual team banquet, Jacque was introduced as the 29th captain of a team that was one of the success stories of Yale’s winter sports this year. In finishing with 16 wins and making it to the semifinals of the ECACHL tournament, the Elis set new records that will guide them as Jacque assumes her position at the helm. The forward from Ontario, Canada, said she is excited about her new position because of her close friendships with every player on her team.

“It is a great honor,” Jacque said. “We have a great senior class, and to be chosen from that group as the captain is special. We have an amazing team, and I am thrilled about next season. I think it could be even better than this season.”

Erin Duggan ’05, last season’s captain, said Jacque will play an important role next year.

“A lot of the team listens to her for her leadership, so I think it was obvious that she was going to be the choice,” Duggan said. “She definitely takes control in the dressing room, and she’s a person that people look to both on the ice and off the ice.”

This style of leadership, with which Jacque supports her teammates in games, practices and everyday life at Yale, is what makes her suited for her job as captain, Sheila Zingler ’07 said. Jacque played on the third line and finished with four assists on the year, but always kept a sunny attitude that she used to cheer up her teammates.

“The thing with Lisa is whether she plays or not she never shows her frustration and is never negative,” Zingler said. “In the past two years I have played with her, she is one of the most positive people on the bench. She is always up, always encouraging people. She is a very good role model.”

Jacque, who was captain of her high school’s volleyball, hockey and softball teams, said she can use her personal skills to help make the team even more close-knit than it was this year.

“I think I bring a lot of energy, a strong work ethic and a good sense of humor,” Jacque said. “The fact that I’m close with the team will help the communication between us and the coaches, and this year will go a lot more smoothly because of that.”

Zingler said Jacque already acted like a captain in some ways this past season.

“She always remembers people’s birthdays and goes out of her way to do things a captain should do,” Zingler said. “She is very thoughtful, and the girls look to that. This will carry forth into our playing [next season].”

Because of her concern for her teammates and her passion for the sport, even if things are not always easy, Jacque seems ready to be a captain.

“To be part of a great program and a great team with a lot of support is outstanding,” Jacque said. “Watching the program grow to become something that is successful and to be a part of that just strengthens your passion. I think next year we will continue with our record-breaking ways, and if we build on what we did this season, we can win the Ivy Championship and the ECAC Championship.”