Name: Jennifer Przybylo

Residential college: Trumbull

Class year: 2007

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Major: Molecular, cellular and developmental biology

The vote is in, and the polls have not even opened — Jennifer Przybylo ’07 will be the next chair of UOFC. The race is uncontested.

Przybolo, who served as an alternate member of the UOFC this year, is also a coordinator of Yale’s Peer Health Educators and the associate international director of Students for Organ Donation.

Her future plans for UOFC include increasing the food budget for student organizations from $50 per semester to an possible $75, updating the organization’s Web site with an improved layout and a forum component for student questions, and expanding the frequency of the UOFC funding competition from one event per year to one per semester, Przybylo said. Her repertoire of experiences on campus makes her well-suited to the job, she said.

“I like working with money, and I am involved in many of Yale’s organizations, and I know how important it is for them to have adequate and speedy funding,” Przybylo said.

She said the legacy of efficiency and innovation left by former chair Rose Jia ’07 will be a model for leadership in the upcoming school year,

“She was just very efficient, innovative, and that’s how I intend to be next year,” Przybylo said.