At least two Yale students were arrested Saturday at Toad’s Place when a fight broke out between several students and New Haven residents.

Police were called when those involved in the fight began attacking Toad’s security and staff, resulting in three arrests by the end of the night.

A junior female who asked to remain anonymous described the situation as “completely out of control.” She said people on the dance floor formed a large circle around a series of small fights that broke out and spread through Toad’s. A bouncer slammed one Yale student against an occupied car outside the club, she said.

Once the fight started, Toad’s staff and security were unable to contain the incident, a Toad’s bouncer, who asked to only be identified as Jim said. Yale police officers arrived shortly, blocking up York Street and entering Toad’s.

The Yale Police Department said they would comment Monday.

The junior female student said the fight began when several New Haven residents got into an altercation with Yale students on the dance floor. Several minutes after the incident began, at least five police officers pushed their way through the crowded dance floor to break up the series of small fights.

Police arrested three people, two of whom are known to be Yale students. One female student was arrested for interfering with police as they tried to make arrests and quiet the situation.

The Toad’s bouncer said the majority of those engaged in the fight were Yale students.