To the Editor:

While the proposed renovations to Cross Campus Library are long overdue, they represent a promising vision for the library. The addition of a cafe on the premises will make an afternoon of studying more efficient and enjoyable, as students will not have to venture beyond library walls to grab a palatable snack, catch up with friends or relax the mind. CCL’s current incarnation of an eatery — Machine City — has clearly seen better days, and while a curious throwback to the 1970s, it is time that this relic be placed into the dust bin of Yale history.

When touring other schools over spring break, I noticed that other top universities maintain centrally located eateries within the library. At UC Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement Cafe is considered one of the prime social centers on campus. Given the absence of an undergraduate student center at Yale, the cafe could become a common space where students from different residential colleges and academic disciplines interact. Such public spaces are vital in promoting the free flow of ideas and enhancing the school’s collegial charm. If these renovations proceed as planned, Cross Campus Library could enjoy a newfound popularity among the student body.

Adam Click ’05

March 25, 2005

The writer is a former City Editor for the News